Is there another mystery of Maradona?8 medical staff will be tried and charged with intentional homicide

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Is there another mystery of Maradona?8 medical staff will be tried and charged with intentional homicide

2022-06-24 06:17:11 4 ℃

According to Reuters on the 23rd, according to a legal document announced on Wednesday, eight medical staff who have taken care of the legendary star Maradona will be tried in the Argentine court for murder. Maradona died on November 25, 2020 due to cardiac arrest, and then Argentina's relevant departments launched an investigation.

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In this 236 -page document quoted by Reuters, the judge responsible for the case questioned "the behavior of each defendant -intentionally or unintentional -leading to harmful results."

The document said that 8 people, including doctors, nurses, and a psychologist before Maradona's death, were charged with homicide. Reuters said that this is a serious allegations that means intentional homicide.

A medical committee responsible for investigating the death of Maradona concluded in 2021 that the behavior of the medical team of the football star was "inappropriate, flawed and regardless of consequences."

Reuters said that although Maradona has been involved in abuse and alcohol abuse for many years, he is still considered one of the greatest football players in history.

Maradona Source: Visual China

According to previous media reports, Maradona suddenly felt unwell in early November 2020. After being sent to the hospital, he found blood clots in his brain. He was discharged from the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery in a private clinic. But after this operation, Maradona died on November 25. The incident shocked the entire Argentina and the world. While holding a commemorative and mourning activity around the world, the Argentine prosecutor launched an investigation, ordering the property of Maradona's private doctors and investigating other participants.

Maradona's lawyer Mattias Mora also criticized the emergency service department for a slow response at the time. He said on Twitter, "The ambulance spent more than half an hour before arriving. This is a stupid criminal act. "".

Maradona's lawyer Mario Baldry told Reuters that the football superstar was "helpless" before his death. He said: "As soon as I saw the cause of the death, he said it was killing. I won for a long time, and now we have completed this stage."

Maradona Source: Visual China

At present, several defendants have denied responsibility for Maradona's death. The judge said that some of the lawyers of it had demanded the case. A lawyer of one of the defendants and psychologists Kosahof said they would appeal and argued that the treatment field of a psychologist was not related to Maradona's death.

"We found the guilty party at all costs and lost their objectivity." The lawyer said.

Reuters failed to contact other defendants or lawyers immediately for comment.

The report also mentioned that according to Argentina's criminal law, murderers are usually sentenced to 8 to 25 years in prison. The trial date is not yet determined.

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