The 32 -year -old veteran of Barcelona refused to leave the team, La Bolta's ultimatum, canceling 10 million wage hats

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The 32 -year -old veteran of Barcelona refused to leave the team, La Bolta's ultimatum, canceling 10 million wage hats

2022-06-24 06:17:38 12 ℃

According to the World Sports News, although Neuto has won the favor of many clubs in the summer window, the players refused to leave Barcelona.

As we all know, Barcelona is currently facing two major problems of 1.35 billion euros and two major problems in the negative salary cap. The former is fortunate that the sale of broadcast rights and some assets can reduce the pressure, while the latter can put the team in trouble.

In order to solve this problem, Barcelona plans to sell a group of players. The midfielder De Rong is their heavy product, and the departure of Dembele can also reduce a large amount of salary bills.

In addition to these two high -paying players, there are some ordinary salary stars on the list of Romolta, one of which is the goalkeeper inner entrance.

Nedo, 32, became famous in Valencia. In 2019, Barcelona was bought off by 26 million euros, but the players did not get much opportunities. They have always been the choice of Norku's second goalkeeper.

The Barcelona goal has been led by German star Tel Stegen, and fans have always had opinions on this. The most classic was in October last year, in the league against Barley Kano, "Besutz made a mistake, Farcao countered the door, and Ter Stet took it into the net."

It is undeniable that Telstag has declined significantly in recent years, and the dissatisfaction of fans to the Germans has continued into the entire goalkeeper ecology.

Naturally, the inner Toto who could not be used has also become a victim of La Porta controlling the salary cap, and the contract between the players and the club is only one year.

In the transfer market, the Italian club Lazio is one of the most interested clubs for inner Toto. But now the players do not want to leave Barcelona. At the age of 32, Neuto this year seems to be flattened by the corners after 3 years. Perhaps he hopes to win a signature fee for himself after the contract of Barcelona.

Barcelona is also helpless about the player's approach. Lagolta has issued an ultimatum. According to the news of "Daily Sports", if the player does not intend to transfer, the management is considering the termination of the contract.

It is not clear how much liquidated damages need to pay in Barcelona, ​​but according to the statistics of "Daily Sports" this year, Neuto's salary in Barcelona is 5 million euros after tax. Euro salary cap.