Fried!Curry announced a decision!Join the new team after 2 years!Finally, I have the opportunity to join forces KD

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Fried!Curry announced a decision!Join the new team after 2 years!Finally, I have the opportunity to join forces KD

2022-06-24 06:16:59 4 ℃

"Warriors Champion"

As the spokesperson for conscience, the Chinese version of the "Warriors Champion" banner was raised at the section of the championship parade. The mysterious power of the East is always so remarkable!

Everyone is playing very hilariously, and the smile of my mouth is still so warm and innocent!

Curry seemed to be more serious, and it was announced during the play.

When asked if his career was successful after getting FMVP? It means that you have to get a gold medal of an Olympic Games, so you will participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics!

Curry's national team career experience is indeed not very prominent. In the past three Olympic Games, they have passed by.

However, on behalf of the US Men's Basketball Team, in 2014, he won the first men's basketball World Cup championship, and averaged 20 minutes to contribute 10.7 points, 1.6 boards and 2.9 assistance.

By 2024, Curry is 36 years old. It is his last chance to get the Olympic gold medal in his career. According to his current status, he does not have a lot of problems. Maybe he can also play a leader!

It is worth mentioning that before Curry decided to participate in the Paris Olympic Games, the Warriors coach Cole received the whip of the American men's basketball team from Popovich.

This may also be one of the main reasons why Curry is willing to return to the national team. Both want to prove that there is still a very tacit cooperation in the new environment.

One stone aroused thousands of waves, and Curry's decision may allow many big names to follow the idea of ​​reuniting the country, including the super big killer KD.

Last year, KD led the team to win the Gold Medal of the Tokyo Olympics and achieved the three consecutive personal Olympic Games. When asked if he would chase the 4th championship? Just say that you can watch it then.

If Duku can join forces again, the head coach still uses them the most. Is the American men's basketball team scheduled to the Paris Olympic Games gold medal in advance?

The French men's basketball team of the Silver Medal of Tokyo Olympic Games will definitely not agree at the door of the house, but no matter how they clamor, the strength will end up with a qualitative gap with the American men's basketball team.

I said before the introduction of the Great, and formed the strongest double tower with Gobel, just wishful thinking.

Curry does need a gold medal in the Olympic Games to truly fill his own honor room, especially when the end of his career is not out of reach!