How to choose running shoes?These points are critical!

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How to choose running shoes?These points are critical!

2022-06-24 06:17:40 6 ℃

Exercise can promote the secretion of dopamine and keep people emotional. Among the many sports, running with lower thresholds, can not only exercise endurance, but also make people feel good at it. It has been favored by many friends. However, running is not easy to run. Before running, you need to understand how to choose running shoes. Choose a pair of suitable running shoes to make yourself run easier. In fact, choosing running shoes is not complicated. It is mainly to pay attention to their needs and distinguish the customer base of different running shoes. Today, I will briefly understand how to choose the running shoes, and recommend two running shoes that adapt to friends who meet different running needs.

How to choose running shoes?

How to choose running shoes? Compared with running shoes with strong racing performance and suitable for elite runners, the running shoes of the Dowei Walker SE are more suitable for public runners. The shoe salamander of the Walker SE adopts the parallel treatment, the internal space of the shoe warehouse is relatively large, the midsole is also thickened and widen, and the entry threshold is relatively low. In addition, this running shoe also adds foam at the tongue, the elastic tongue design of the inner and outer waist, and the three -dimensional foam above the rear heels, which is more comprehensively improved to wear comfort.

In the midsole that many runners attach great importance to, the Walker SE chooses the SUDER FPattipa TPU, and the 1mm thick full palm -shaped carbon plate can be provided with a good rebound force and cushioning effect for the wearer. The sense of boom brought by carbon plates during running is also relatively strong. In terms of outsole, the Walker SE uses CPU wear -resistant and anti -slip materials. The abrasion resistance is better than conventional rubber. In addition to round crushing structures, the grip is further improved. Essence

How to choose running shoes? The second generation of Dowwe's journey makes the marathon training easier

How to choose running shoes? The second generation of Dowei Journey to make marathon training is also a good choice. Compared with the first generation of the journey, the midsole of the second generation of Dowei March has a thickened design, and the top is softer. At the same time, the internal structure of the second -generation midfielder is also more loose, which can bring better cushioning effects. Coupled with the lightweight design, the weight of the whole shoes is reduced by 15%, and the upper foot is lighter and flexible.

In addition, the performance of the second generation of Dowei Zhengtu is also more prominent in performance. The second generation of the symbolic rectangular canal bow carbon plate with a thicker thickened 1mm is still maintaining a strong stability and support for long distances or long -term use. In terms of outsole, the second generation of Zhengtu uses wear -resistant rubber material. In the areas that are more easily worn in the back, they also deliberately increase the thick bottom, so that the wear resistance can be improved and the wearing life is longer.

How to choose running shoes? In fact, each runner's training goals, running methods, and foot types are different. The type of running shoes will be different. When choosing running shoes, you should focus on your own needs. But in general, when choosing a powerful brand, the quality of running shoes will be more secure. For example, Dowei is a brand that is more prominent in domestic running shoes. Whether it is Volkswagen runner or professional marathon, you can find the answer to "how to choose running shoes" from Dowei's products.