The interview with Char Khanolu was angry, and he planned to punish him

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The interview with Char Khanolu was angry, and he planned to punish him

2022-06-24 12:40:02 9 ℃

According to Italian reports, Inter Milan may impose a fine on their midfielder Haakan Char Khano, because he recently accepted a Tivibuspor interview in Turkey that has completely angered Inter's senior management. In the interview, Char Khanosa returned to Ibrahimovic, and severely criticized the Inter Miramician coach Tzar, saying that his error in the last Mirandby in Serie A led to the defeat of the Blue and Black Legion. Essence

He later quibbled, insisting that he had never accused his coach, but from the full text of the interview, he did not have the words he said maliciously. "Obviously, some of my words were misunderstood by some media," he said. "I have never criticized any coach, let alone Mr. Yinzhi. I think he is a great coach. He strongly hopes that I will play in Inter and trust me." If I and my teammates spend it through A great season and won two trophy, which to a large extent to him. "

Char Khanolu also returned to Ibrachimovic, who mentioned him at the Milan championship celebration in May. In a public bus parade, Milan fans ridiculed his ex -teammates and told them "sending information". In response, they started singing unpleasant slogans to the Turkish midfielder. According to the "Milan Sports News" and the famous journalist Pedura, Char Khanolu will notify Inter, but the club still feels very upset, so the Turkish midfielder may be fined.

Char Khano Luo transferred from Milan to join the Blue and Black Legion a year ago. Many fans said that it was because of his departure that Milan finally won the cup. With the remarks of the above interviews. Char Khanolu scored 7 goals and 13 assists in 34 Serie A in the 2021-22 season. His contract at the Mei Ace Stadium will expire in June 2024.