Behind Li Yingying's praise is her unremitting efforts and hard work

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Behind Li Yingying's praise is her unremitting efforts and hard work

2022-06-24 12:39:00 11 ℃

To say which members of the Chinese women's volleyball team performed the best in the World Union? Naturally, Li Yingying, the core attacker.

With the international rankings released the personal technology rankings, Li Yingying's outstanding performance attracted a heated discussion on the outside world.

In fact, in the opinion of the author, Li Yingying's wonderful performance on the field attracted her unremitting efforts and hard work behind her mainstream group praise.

1. praise by the international community

Li Yingying's outstanding performance in the World League has not only been praised by the mainstream media of Chinese media and the majority of Chinese women's volleyball fans. add.

The International Volleyball Team wrote: "Li Yingying -Chinese Women's Volleyball Team New Score King! Following Zhu Ting, the Chinese women's volleyball team will rely on this 22 -year -old teenager with amazing scoring ability!"

The Japanese women's volleyball star Gu He Saisha said on his personal social platform: "My (favorite) girl Li Yingying is the best player."

Women's volleyball superstar Kim Tengjing expressed his love to Li Yingying and Gu He Saisha on his social media: "Li Yingying and Gu He really surprised me, I love them so much!"

Indeed, Li Yingying is worthy of these famous artists. In eight games, six teams scoring king, five scoring kings of the game, and the personal technical rankings released by the International Volleyball Association, the total score, the best deduction and the best serve ranked third. The level is indeed enough to admire any organization and individual.

Second, unremitting efforts

Li Yingying was praised by the outside world, originated from his unremitting efforts and enterprising.

1. The responsibility of the main attack, you must deduct the ball every ball

In the World League, the younger sister behind Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning, today Li Yingying is already the most reliable general general of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Li Yingying knew that she was responsible for her shoulders. In the absence of the opponent's ability to attack Wang Yunzheng and Jin Yan, Li Yingying was even more responsible.

So in the field, we saw Li Yingying, who buckled from the front row to the back row, and then smashed from the back row to the front row; we saw Li Yingying, who seemed to never know what was tired. In the eight games, Li Yingying's 286 deduction of 143, the success rate reached 50.00%, averaged 36 balls per game, averaging 18 points per scoring. In each game, the teenager's stubborn hard work and unremitting efforts made the fans look in the eyes, painful hearts.

2. Mingzhuai's intention, you will fight for the goal

If the Chinese women's volleyball team wants to play the initiative, with smooth cooperation, it must fight and break the opponent's attack. This is the consensus of almost all fans. The coach Cai Bin also asked the players. So we saw that the team members were working hard on the field. Gong Xiangyu, Yuan Xinzheng, Ding Xia, Wang Yunzheng and Li Yingying were all threatened. Among them Essence

After eight games, Li Yingying ranked third in the international ranking rankings with eight serve scores. It shows that Li Yingying strictly implemented the coach's tactical arrangement, and the serve must fight.

3. Exhibition of stubborn will, welcoming difficulty

To say that after these eight games, the most tenacious will of the Chinese women's volleyball team is Li Yingying.

Two games against the Thai women's volleyball team and the Japanese women's volleyball team. Due to the schedule, most of the Chinese women's volleyball team members showed a lack of stables and lack of crossbow, lacking vitality and no passion. Only Li Yingying performed very tenacious. In the two games, Li Yingying rushed left and right, scored a maximum score of 28 points and 27 points, respectively, showing the good quality and aggressive spirit of the difficulty and progress.

Third, hard work

Li Yingying was praised by the outside world, thanks to her hard work.

1. There is a responsibility, take the initiative to take the initiative

Li Yingying not only has outstanding offensive capabilities, but also performs quite responsible in terms of teams.

Fighting against the Japanese women's volleyball team, the two pictures on the court moved the fans. First, Li Yingying and Ni Feifan stood side by side in the back row. The opponent's ball came over. Ni Feifan hid behind Li Yingying in an instant. Li Yingying steadily sent the ball to Ding Xia's hand. The second is to be paused. Wang Yunzheng in the front row was ready to withdraw from the pass, and Li Yingying was persuaded to the front row. Then Li Yingying made Wang Yunzhang's two boards down through the perfect pass and defense, and successfully completed the wheel.

After eight games, Li Yingying received 131 passes, 40 perfectly in place, and the in place rate was 30.5 %. The most passed in the team and the highest in place rate, showing the excellent quality of dare to pay and responsibilities.

2. Don't be afraid of wounds, fell more defense

In the back row defense, Li Yingying guarded the No. 6 position, taking into account both, and the defensive area was large. Watching her falling the ball again and again, she couldn't help making people cry.

In the eight games, Li Yingying defended the ball 114 times and 64 valid. The number of defensive times in the team, the validity number only lags behind Gong Xiangyu (68 valid).

Li Yingying was not afraid of injuries, and fell down to save the ball again and again.

3. Fresh reputation, rush to the enemy to recruit self -loss

After eight games, Li Yingying had many self -loss and was criticized by some domain fans.

In fact, if Li Yingying only cares about her reputation, she can not serve without serving, reduce mistakes, and hang the front area with a fluttering serving.In the offensive, there is no need to chase the ball to play at all, and naturally there will be no errors in physical touch after hitting the ball.If she does this, her self -loss will never exceed two digits even if they are not zero.However, the achievements of the Chinese women's volleyball team are probably not the five wins and three losses, but that it is not impossible to defeat the eight -war of women's volleyball teams like the Korean women's volleyball team.Take care of the overall situation and do not hesitate to his own honor.Li Yingying's efforts can be understood by each Chinese with conscience.


Behind Li Yingying's praise was her unremitting efforts and hard work.When the real gold has its own flash, it won't be long before Li Yingying will grow into a superstar on the international women's volleyball.