China sports more and more beautiful is she, from a tomboy to the goddess Fan Shizu

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China sports more and more beautiful is she, from a tomboy to the goddess Fan Shizu

2016-08-27 18:57:03 1053 ℃

Hardware Wang Chen Ruolin recently in social networks are hot friends, because nothing more than feeling her beautiful, and in fact just made a debut, chenrelin is not have such a beautiful, but with the passage of time, chenrelin is to be more and more beautiful.

Chenrelin in 2006 at the age of 14 year olds play Diving World Cup, and in cooperation with Jiatong won women's synchronized 10 meter platform diving gold medal, first appeared on the world champion. Two years after the Beijing Olympic Games, not to the age of 16 she successfully won the 10 meter platform single and double project two gold medals.

At that time Chen Ruolin, like a tomboy image.

Look at the interview her face like meirenpeizai green.

But in the diving arena, seriously Chen Ruolin is still quite charming.

But it's not the kind of overnight explosion. So although the debut is the top champion, but no one will be her and Guo Jingjing, Fu Mingxia.

As the saying goes female big eighteen change. Although it is still a short hair, but when London goodbye Chen Ruolin, she is more attractive.

However, Chen Ruolin is still very not prominent that one, said she is not a lot of beautiful.

However, Chen Ruolin's performance in the game is impeccable. In 2012, chenrelin in London will successfully defending the 10 meter platform single and double project, with four gold medal with star Fu Mingxia, Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia tied the Chinese diving team gold medal list, but also become the Chinese delegation in the Olympic history the 200th gold medal winner.

Look carefully, there are acne on the face of Chen Ruolin it.

And over the past 4 years, the Rio Olympic Games, Chen Ruolin 23 years old.

Long hair has been left, the woman is full of flavor.

The old false boy, now has become a big beauty.

More importantly, the 5 Olympic Games 3 gold, so she became one of the most successful athletes in the history of China's diving.

Such a Chen Ruolin, suck powder numerous also can understand.