Who is Zhang Chunjun? You have entered the men's basketball coach Gong Luming sight!

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Who is Zhang Chunjun? You have entered the men's basketball coach Gong Luming sight!

2016-08-27 18:57:14 603 ℃

Speaking of Zhang Chunjun, it is estimated that many domestic fans do not know who he is! But in a lot of people in the basketball industry, he is the representative of the inspirational story of basketball.

At the end of the Olympic Games, the Chinese men's basketball coach, who received a basketball commentator in the interview, they have such a dialogue:

"Scarlett: so if you are in charge of the local team's how would you pick up?

Gong Luming: never think about...... Foreign aid to select the United States outside the line, select a European inside. Domestic players don't jorum, didn't work, she should have good sense of team player, can the Sichuan Chun Jun Zhang, while playing for the national team some difference, but the club is not a problem. Now many young players have always known, playing for the national team, said the old to surpass the predecessors, this is very good. But how to go beyond it? For example, 1996 that group of people, from the youth team started together, later Chiang guidance in the national team, practice hard than now, each player have their own unique skills children, now players can do it? Is to have the idea, but the experience of what you do not want to take a shortcut around the past, that is the case."

From today's headlines in Jiajia race

From this dialogue can be seen, Zhang Chunjun's team consciousness and the spirit of the palace is still very much appreciate the spirit of the palace.

Zhang Chunjun's basketball is an unusual way, he is a college player directly into the professional league representative. The 2010 super league, Chun Jun Zhang lead Tianjin Polytechnic University won the second runner up, his individual performance also caused the interest of professional clubs, and finally on October 14, 2010 signed Zhejiang Chouzhou bank basketball club.

Just entered the CBA League Zhang Chunjun more time is a blue collar role, he has a good defense, the team often use him to defend the opponent's foreign aid, which also tempered Zhang Chunjun's strong basketball willpower.

In Chouzhou bank effect four years later, Zhang Chunjun CBA will abandon, went to the NBL team in Shaanxi. In the summer of 2015 he ushered in a new beginning, he was brought to Sichuan by Yang Xuezeng team, came to Sichuan's Zhang Chunjun is also from the defensive start, in the super three foreign aid side quietly contribute their own!

To the CBA playoffs, Zhang Chunjun began to show the role of. Beijing time on March 2, 2016, in Sichuan's 115-104 victory over Xinjiang team, the Xinjiang team successfully 3-0 in the finals. After the Xinjiang media published the title of the article, Xinjiang does not lack of talent and lack of Zhang Chunjun, she is the best player in Sichuan".

Finally, the article said: "failure is not terrible, afraid of the challenge is sad. Genius is halo around the Xinjiang team, need to be more like Zhang Chunjun and leaves with silly obsession".

"Our team's best team player is Zhang Chunjun 20. There are a lot of people to choose through technical statistics to understand us, Zhang Chunjun score is not much, in the technical statistics is not outstanding. But he was active in pushing for the team indispensable technical statistics cannot display these contributions. All the players know how hard he is, and all the players should be grateful to him." March 2nd, the Sichuan men's basketball striker Harris said in a press conference on the words of such a. After arena fighting, he who is aware of the importance of the team's unknown hero like Zhang Chunjun.

To the finals, it is Chun Jun Zhang play stage, in the finals with the Liaoning team, Chun Jun Zhang field were with 14.2 points and 5.2 rebounds, performance is very good, lead the new army Sichuan team 4-1 victory over Liaoning team become st CBA championship.

Perhaps many people think it is good luck Zhang Chunjun, went to Sichuan this new army team, have such a performance. In fact, many things are ripe, if not Chun Jun Zhang regular season silence to pay, he wouldn't have the playoffs to play a brilliant, always remember "the opportunity is there left to prepare people".