Speaking of the millennium old two, Wang Hao Li Zongwei is still less than a person, 31 years without a champion

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Speaking of the millennium old two, Wang Hao Li Zongwei is still less than a person, 31 years without a champion

2016-08-27 18:57:24 310 ℃

In sports games will decide the championship, at the Olympic Games all the players are directed at the gold, silver and bronze medals and work hard, but only the winner a, most people are unable to reach the championship level, most let a person feel but is silver, and the worst is a long time for second place, still can not get a gold medal. Today we will talk about the sports arena the second millennium".

Speaking of the Chinese track and field first thought is "trapeze" Liu, and Liu Xiang and at the same time and a very good players - Shi Dongpeng. A lot of events in the country is the first Liu Xiang, Shi Dongpeng second, although the strength of Shi Dongpeng relative to Liu Xiang is indeed a little less, but also regarded as the top players. Helpless at the same time have a better Liu Xiang, the 2010 IAAF Diamond League race in Shanghai, Shi Dongpeng first beat Liu Xiang, but he is not the enemy the United States Champion Oliver, ranked second.

Speaking of table tennis queen many people will think of Deng Yaping, as China Nvping in the history of the most successful contestant, Deng Yaping won the numerous glory, which as her partner Joe, two people in the doubles events won the doubles champion. But singles champion more able to reflect the strength of a table tennis player, but Qiao Hong always beat Deng Ya Ping, even she also lamented Deng Ya Ping too strong.

Rio Olympics is perhaps the last Olympic Games lizongwei, when he defeated Lin Dan, from his first Olympic gold medal is so near, but due to the war and lindane cost too much physical, final defeat China Badminton heartthrob Chen long, once again won the silver medal, three games will be three silver medals, but Lee Chong Wei already is crowned king in the hearts of the audience.

If Li Zongwei is the most unlucky person in the Olympic badminton, then Wang Hao is the most regretful person on the Olympic table tennis. Three Olympic Games three men's singles silver medal, as the Chinese table tennis players, Wang Hao in the Olympic Games is indeed a pity. 2004 lost to South Korea's Ryu Seung-min, 2008 Ma Lin lost 2012, Zhang Jike lost 2014, Wang Hao chose to retire with regret.

Many users are not very familiar with Ody, the Jamaica sprint queen in a lifetime to participate in the 7 Olympic Games, won 8 medals, 14 World Championship medals, but always with the gold medal. But Ody did not mind, she is enjoying the game, when she was still in the 44 year old to participate in the Olympic Games, I think even though her career lost more, but give her the absolute harvest is no less than gold. And in the same period with her many athletes were found to use drugs, only she is still in a healthy run!